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7 tracks to check out from Stunner’s album

The last time he dropped an album was three years ago, the self-styled best Zimbabwean rapper Stunner last Friday launched his most anticipated eighth album, ‘If I die tonight’ at a colorful event at Harare’s Pabloz.

Dancehall producers TMan of Mount Zion Music and the duo of Gwyt and Jeepers of Legendary music dominated the album’s production with 15 of the 18 tracks.

From the 18 track album we have singled out 7 tracks with no particular order that stand out from the rest.


Ndiri humble hangu ft Ngonie Kambarami

If you thought Ngonie Kambarami no longer has his yesteryear touch you better think again, his part could be the best chorus on the whole album and Stunner doesn’t disappoint as he comes in with killer lines to complement the chorus.

The two talk about how they stay true and humble to the public though they live flashy lifestyles. Stunner also took time to address his rivals that he humbles himself and ignore all the diss tracks directed towards him and stay focused in his lane.


This one was released way before the album was finished, Stunner tries to keep up with the trending trap sound and a catchy sing along hook on Time, the track produced by TMan talks of how he uses his time daily from the work days and to the turn up weekends.

Mugara ndega ft Kapital K

The track features one of the biggest rapper Kapital K, Stunner sampled Thomas Mapfumo’s Mugara ndega chorus as he tells his own version of a lonely life- friends and family abandoning him.

Kapital K brings in his stunning flows and talks of how he is working hard to get paid. In 2013 Stunner featured Kapital K on the hit Warriors which also had P S Quint.

She said ft Trevor Dongo

Years back Stunner denounced and walked out of a relationship based on spoiling a girl every time to keep her happy in a track dubbed Rudo rweMari however this time around Stunner has found a lover who doesn’t care about money and presents.

Teaming up with longtime friend Trevor Dongo on the chorus he talks about how humble his new girlfriend or should we say his new wife is, the new lady is said to be different from his ex-girlfriend making us wonder if Stunner might be referring to his recent ex-girlfriends model  Mellisa Moyo or Pokello who dumped him.

Speaking of being dumped Stunner says his new woman is there to stay and takes a dig at Anonzi Xnder by stating that his wife won’t leave him like what Zaleekah did to the popular producer.

“Hanzi usatye hapana achahku overtacker/ Imma stay true kwete Zaleekah anowoneka”

Inna mi head feat Sir Ford

Jamaican Sir Ford comes in with the dancehall hook adding a different spark in Stunner’s project.

Here stunner seems to have grasped that which most local artistes have been lacking in their careers, international exposure. Stunner has been known to be a hustler and such an attitude will surely get him onto the international scene, something which has been a longtime coming.

Tine nzara ft Positive movement

On a chilled beat Stunner and Positive movement tells a story of suffering, hungry, unemployed youths. A conscious track on an album with turn up tracks makes the album interesting. The track speaks to the whole of society and the problems it faces in the current situation. It will certainly be a good listen.

If I die tonight

The title track was released a week after the rapper was involved in a car accident in Harare, Stunner asks questions about people’s perception towards him, how people will react to his death and if people will miss him and his music.

This is one of the best tracks on the album and has an old school feel which is complemented by the message which is aimed at a humane heart.

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