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Chinoz unapologetic over Chinx video

Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba defended his decision of recording a video showing a visibly ill Cde Chinx Chingaira in hospital in an attempt to dispel the latter’s recurring death rumour.

The legislator who is always a victim of social media caricature and jest on the internet, was seen to have crossed the moral line with his video recording which has since gone viral across platforms.

In the recording, Chinotimba seems to be talking to Cde Chinx asking him questions in a bid to shame the rumour mill.

After the video was posted, numerous posts were written condemning his action on Facebook with many suggesting that his “attention seeking antics had gone overboard.”

When asked why he chose to record the celebrated Chimurenga singer at his lowest hour, the parliamentarian nicknamed Chinoz was unapologetic.

“People were claiming that he died and we wanted to show that he is alive. We did not do it for any other reasons except shaming those who were spreading terrible rumors,” he said in an interview with Fokus.

He said people may have misinterpreted his intentions but he meant well.

“We heard a clip of what sounded like a radio recording of people giving condolence messages for a person who is still alive. This is when we decided to put the stories to rest and show that the comrade is ill but he is still alive,” Chinotimba said.

He added; “Who is worse, people who were spreading rumours about his death or a person who did a video showing that the man is alive? You could see him laughing in the video, in fact the day we recorded the video he was showing signs of recovery compared to the previous day.”

Chinotimba`s video is considered to be among the many emerging undertones to social media networks that are still relatively new to some members in the Zimbabwean society.

Unregulated as it is, users are mainly governed by conscience and discretion, virtues that are rarely uniform leaving room for disagreements and diverging views.

It seems Chinotimba`s attempt to tell a story worth a thousand words did go according to plan as users on Facebook and Twitter called him out for being insensitive to Cde Chinx`s current state.


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