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Hip hop community blasts Skyz Metro FM over awards

Barely a week after SkyZ Metro FM announced inaugural music awards to be held in December, the Bulawayo hip hop community has taken to social media in protest over being excluded from the awards.


The awards are the first metro awards to exclude the Hip hop category, despite the station pioneering the genre in its charts and shows.

Several rappers who took to the social media vented anger at the organizers of the music awards as they took them to task on why they excluded Hip Hop.

“The biggest chart show is the rap chart show (Rapperholix) which grosses thousands of votes every week even if you put it on the grave shift, what is sky metro saying about those thousands of people who support local Hip Hop as shown by the Rapperholix Top 20 & who sleep late every Thursday to hear their favorite rap songs and artists?” posted Melusi Mgcini Nyathi on his Facebook page.

Cal_Vin couldn’t hide his anger as he said that SkyZ Metro FM was disrespecting Hip Hop as a genre.

“On SkyZ Metro FM their top 20 Chart, the predominant genre is hip-hop, we don’t understand why they are not respecting hip hop, because we have given them all the audience and everyone in Bulawayo listens to Hip Hop. They use us to get listenership, they put our music on their chart shows, and they ask us to get our fans to vote for them. It certainly doesn’t make sense why they are disrespecting us like that though, so its f****d why they wouldn’t include hip-hop,” fumed Cal_Vin in a charged interview.

“The biggest artiste in Bulawayo is a Hip Hop artiste, but never the less I don’t like SkyZ Metro FM it doesn’t acknowledge artists that put work to it. Personal for me they have never done anything for me,” said Mr. Mike kata.

However, some of the rappers seemed to be distancing themselves from the whole saga.

“Well I feel it’s their awards, so let them do what they want baba. I don’t have any issue with whether there is a hip hop category or not. For us the hustle still continues,” said POY.

 Floppy X also added that whatever criteria used by SkyZ Metro FM to exclude hip hop for the awards it was upon them as a station.

“SkyZ Metro FM does what’s good for them, so if Hip Hop is not fit to be awarded then we get to pull our socks,” he said.





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