Monday, November 29, 2021

Places to Visit this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentines Day is a traditional celebration of all things Love on February 14th and this year it falls on Sunday.

This year it falls into the Covid-19 induced lockdown which restricts movement and public gatherings.

However, there are places that will be open, for couples to have a nice time.

Matobos Hill Lodge, Matobo

It’s an opportunity to take your loved one for Safari Activities such as the famous painted caves, game drives into the national park, scenic drives and walks, visiting the tribal villages, and the grave of Cecil John Rhodes at “a view of the world”.

And, in case you didn’t know, Matobo Hills Lodge is Running an $67 Per Room Sale, book now.

Mutarazi Falls, Nyanga

It’s a wild experience one of the most beautiful views in Zimbabwe, and where you enjoy the mystique of the Mutarazi Falls in all its splendour.


Antelope Park, Gweru

Antelope Park is a unique game reserve in Gweru set in over 3000 acres of open savannah grassland offering various Accommodation and Activities.


Blue Hills Camp, Umzingwane

Blue Hills Camp Umzingwane offers breathtaking adventurers activities. It is full of outdoor adventures and challenging activities that will not matter whether you succeed or not, you can be proud of yourself for trying.


Lasting Impression, Kadoma

Lasting Impressions is a picturesque campsite overlooking the beautiful Claw dam and Msweswe river. It is located 16km out of Kadoma. It also offers an amphitheater, volleyball court, high ropes course, pool, archery range, and a small lake for canoeing, fishing, and zipping into from the zip line.

Cresta Hotels

Cresta Hotels, from Vic Falls, Bulawayo, and Harare have Valentin specials from Lunch, buffets, and take-home orders available.


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