Monday, November 29, 2021

‘Thieves’ break into Sarah Mpofu’s Fingers hair Salon

Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda

Veteran modeling instructor Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda says she is living in fear after her Bulawayo business premises were broken into by thieves, recently.

Sibanda runs Fingers Salon and modeling school in the city’s central business district.

Sometime in August thieves stormed who are still at large broke into the premises and entered Mrs. Mpofu-Sibanda’s office but they escaped from the premises after security alarms rang.

The case was reported at Bulawayo Central Police station on August 14.

A file containing modeling and business documents was only reported missing from the break-in.

Police report on stolen property

“We are now living in fear after the break-in and we are not sure if we are safe now or the thieves will come back again. They only left with a file containing modeling documents, that alone made us suspicious of the real intentions of the people who broke in, we have been left with questions than answers on what could they be up to,” said a Fingers Salon and Modeling school official.

Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda is the license holder of Miss Tourism Zimbabwe. The pageant clashed with Miss Zimbabwe finals which were slated on the same day, leading Mpofu to move her dates.

The pageant was later canceled after some contestants were injured in a near-fatal road traffic accident in Vumba on their way to Eden Lodge for a boot camp programme.

Also on the bus were Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda and Miss Tourism Zimbabwe officials.

The accident occurred when a bus carrying nine of the 19 contestants veered off the road. It is reported that the bus developed a mechanical fault before it veered off the road.

The passengers who sustained injuries and were taken to Murambi Gardens Clinic in Mutare.

The nine models are Maria Makelve, Michelle Mupasi, Rutendo Tilda Mafuratidze, Rutendo Amanda Taruvinga, Grace Karimupfumbi, Monalisa Ellen Tafirenyika, Maureen Gondwe, Wendy Maturi, and Pauline Marere.

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