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Pole dancer, rapper Tiara Baluti accuses Cal Vin of demanding sex for a feature

Pole dancer and rapper Tiara Baluti yesterday made sensational claims that Cal Vin demanded sex from her in exchange for a verse for Ndavapedzera remix.

Tiara made the accusation on the Keep It Real Friday show on Capital Free, an online radio station.

Ndavapedzera remix features Dobba Don, DJ Towers, Takura, MC Chita, TI Gonzi, Tricky J and Simba Tagz.

In the song Tiara mentions that a fellow rapper demanded sex in exchange for a verse.

“I asked him for a verse now he wants to get involved nigga please…,” she raps


tiara ba


Tiara Baluti

When she was asked who she was referring to in her verse on the show she responded…

“Anozviti mfana weku Luveve iye Cal Vin, I asked for a verse from him and he said I don’t do a verse for free but since it’s you, you can give me some (Sex) but I refused to do it,”

After following up on the issue Fokus Magazine gathered that though Tiara claims to have turned down Cal Vin’s sex advances, Cal Vin actually did the verse but it was never used on the remix.

Speaking to Cal Vin, he said Tiara is an attention seeking rapper who wants to use his name to promote her forthcoming EP.

“Out of the blue this female asked for a verse which i delivered but I was shocked my verse was never used. When I asked her why she didn’t use it she said her management said they wanted a  Ndebele verse instead, yet they didn’t advise me to do it in isiNdebele in the first place,”

Fokus has evidence of emails and conversations between the two rappers showing that Cal Vin actually did the verse and Tiara who claims to have turned down the sex offer that prompted Cal Vin not to be part of the remix, in turn snubbed The Luveve boy’s verse.


Cal Vin confronting Tiara Baluti on Twitter just after the interview


Evidence showing Cal Vin sending Tiara Baluti his verse via email in 2016


Cal Vin asking why his verse was missing after h had made efforts to be part of the remix



Cal Vin confronting Pole dancer/rapper Tiara Baluti after the interview

Efforts to get a comment from Tiara were fruitless as her phone went un answered till the time of publication.

Tiara who used to be a pole dancer, a stripper-whatever you would want to call it at Harare’s strip club, Private Lounge said she is willing to train girls and married women to be sexual to their partners in the bedroom.

Listen to Keep It Real Fridays Tiara Baluti and DJ Towers interview below



Watch Ndapapedzera Remix by Tiara Baluti featuring Dobba Don, DJ Towers, Takura, MC Chita, TI Gonzi, Tricky J and Simba Tagz

Listen to Cal Vin’s Snubbed Cal Vin verse for Ndavapedzera remix by Tiara Baluti.

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