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Soul Jah Love responds to ZANU PF insults

After being embarrassed by ZANU PF youth national commissar leader Innocent Hamandishe at the party’s rally in Mutare last weekend, Soul Jah Love has responded with a song dubbed Ndiri Zvinhu.

After the attendants spotted Soul Jah Love they started screaming and shouting his name in anticipation for the chanter’s performance.

A development which didn’t go down well with Hamandishe who believed the crowd’s actions were causing confusion.

“Apooo hei hei, ndo indescpline iyoyo… Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhui…mukadaro haaridze pano. Mukuda kutiudzira kuti Soul Jah Love zvine basa reyi izvozvo, iwe Soul Jah Love ita discipline dzokera ugare kumashure uko chii chaunoda kutiitira ipapo…wakufarisa,” Hamandishe fumed.

Watch Innocent Hamandishe insulting Soul Jah Love

The Pamamonya ipapo hit maker has responded to the insults with a song where he points out that he is not ‘a thing’ (chinhu) but he is ‘things’ (zvinhu).

Hol up… closely pay attention to 1: 18minute, Soul Jah Love sings “Ini handisi Chatunga” before he quickly reverts to the chorus. Ironically Chatunga is President Robert Mugabe’s son.


Listen to the song below


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