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Takura kicks off tour in style…. As Guluva Se7en, Top Jita, Asaph, Ston Uptown, Vinnie King in fresh beef

Takura’s Stripped Varsity Tour kicked off in Gweru last Friday night in a remarkable manner before the Zino Irema hit maker took his act to Bulawayo’s Horizon the following night.

There is no doubt the switch from Afro Pop to Hip-Hop by Takura is paying dividends.

On the sidelines of the Bulawayo show Takura said the first two shows were a moral booster for his team.

“This is what we needed as Team Takura, we conquered Gweru and Bulawayo nothing can stop us from invading Mutare this Friday, Cyprus, Masvingo and Harare,” he said.

One Entertainment who are organising the tour will take the tour to Masvingo this Friday, Cyprus on October 7, Masvingo on October 14 then the finale in Harare on October 22.

However Takura’s stripped tour ironically stripped the Bulawayo urban music scene with dramatic turn of events, supporting artists firing shots at each other and another one challenging Takura to a battle.

The drama all started with Vinnie King formerly Ricco Andrews, who provoked Takura daring him for a battle.

“I want this ni**a Takura to face me, he is no match to me, he is just lucky to be where he is. We can go song for song and see who the best is,” said Vinnie King.

Takura however said he won’t muse on that but rather his tour.

After Vinnie King’s performance and stunt, came in Stone Uptown who publicly levelled plagiarism allegations against Asaph over the Zoro issue we once covered, read the story here.

“Asaph you aren’t shit you stole my song and my concept, I came up with the Zoro idea, I am the real Zoro not you,” yelled Stone Uptown.

When everyone thought the dust had settled Maestro IV who is popularly known as the Top Jita on Monday went on a Facebook rant inciting that Asaph and Guluva Se7en and the whole of Bulawayo artists were disrespected by the promoters who made them perform only one song each.


Asaph was quick to reply him on Facebook stating that Top Jita should get his facts right first and should stop disrespecting other people’s work.


“What the Top Jita has over looked is that certain things were agreed upon behind the scenes with the promoter, G7 and I. We did one song because that’s what they paid us for. I won’t perform for free in the name of respect. Each rapper in this City has their own design of working. Bruv you shouldn’t look down on other ni**as efforts of putting money in their pockets,” he posted.

Guluva Se7en (Nkanyiso Moyo) echoed the same sentiments with Asaph, “Keeping tags on shows he aren’t even on,” insinuating that Top Jita should stay in his lane.

It was Guluva Se7en’s response to Top Jita that broke the argument into a Facebook war as Top Jita went on another rant towards the Gijima hit maker.

“I hear Guluva talking shit like im trying to start beef with him forgetting I respect him enough i put him on my album. People are touched by what happened at that show but i speak for myself, If we accept these subliminal shots they are taking on us slowly but surely we shall remain in the background. Majaivana said it in riddles, i dont do riddles. Byo is Key to the success of Zim HipHop,” he posted. Guluva

The Cowdray Park based rapper, Guluva hit back at Top Jita discrediting his album which has accumulated more than 10 000 downloads.


“If your 12000+ downloads where true you would be popping by now my G, research before you run your mouth ngentoongazaziyo. N please thank Marvin for that Yimlo track. Respect my grind and I’ll respect your grind,” reacted Guluva.



In an interview with Fokus, Top Jita said Guluva Se7en and the rest of the artist misunderstood his post.

“He misunderstood my post, all I meant is Bulawayo should stop undermining its value in this industry, we are trying to build,” he said.

In a separate interview with Guluva, he said he has no idea why Top Jita is so concerned about Saturday night’s show he was not part of.

“I don’t get why he is so concerned about Saturday, we were paid to perform one song each and we did that, so what’s wrong with that and where is the respect in performing many songs in the name of respect without getting paid,” said Guluva Se7en.

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